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Cognitive & behavioral metrics enhance the student profile

Test scores alone do not accurately represent students’ understanding or mastery of a topic. KAIT is able to identify the root cause for why a student makes mistakes based on eight cognitive and behavioral factors. These factors were designed by educators and learning science professionals and are calculated using the analog data collected with KAIT’s smartpen.

Cognitive Factors

01. Number Sense

Flexibility of thoughts and calculations

02. Reasoning Skills

Critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills

03. Memory/Visualization

Ability to visualize, recognize patterns and memorize

04. Apply/Connections

Extending from the understanding of concepts to applying association skills

Behavioral Factors

01. Question Comprehension

Ability to understand and communicate issues, self control

02. Test Taking Skills

Ability to create strategies and manage time

03. Grit

Persistence and ability to deal with difficult questions without giving up

04. Concentration

Ability to focus on the task at hand

Individualized curriculums based on KAIT’s AI algorithm

Based on KAIT’s granular understanding of the student profile, machine learning is applied to recommend corrective actions to teachers and generate tailored assignments to meet the individual needs of students.

Practice questions are based on four factors

  • Targeting the problem area
  • Predicting future mistakes
  • Mixing easy and difficult questions, and
  • How far along the student is in the course

Mastery Loop: The Recipe for Lasting Knowledge Acquisition

The KAIT system utilizes a mastery learning loop – where a student must achieve a level of pre-requisite knowledge before moving on to another topic. If the student does not achieve mastery, the content is reviewed, and the student tested again until mastery is achieved. This guarantees a student has the appropriate prior knowledge to build a strong foundation as they move through the process of mastering a subject.

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