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Deep AI-Enhanced Learning Insights

Schools and teachers alike want more technology solutions that extend beyond instruction towards better student outcomes, an easier and more efficient teaching experience, and a space for purposeful teacher-student feedback interventions.

The KAIT@SCHOOL solution uses a digital pen that captures each stroke of students’ written offline work. Then, when uploaded, the KAIT system stores and analyzes student work.

Step 01

Printing an assessment

The teacher prints an assessment on patterned paper

Step 02

Conducting assessment

The student takes an assessment in class with the KAIT Pen

Step 03

Cradle connection

The pen connects to the dock to upload the work to the KAIT class website

Step 04

Processing by the KAIT system

KAIT system receives information, the software analyzes student answers and behavior, the system then provides individualized information and interventions for every student

Key Product Features

Automatic grading

Question diagnostics

Student cognitive and behavioral metrics (CBM)

AI generated practice problems

Student writing recorded for playback as PencastTM


Knowledge AI (KAIT) is a Boston-based company that provides THE BEST EDUCATION experience to EVERY STUDENT through efficient individualized learning and insights. KAIT is globally recognized for its innovative and easy-to-use product for in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning.

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Technical Requirements

What you will need
  • KAIT Pen
  • KAIT Cradle
  • KAIT Teacher Account
  • Internet Connection
  • KAIT Router Software App
Printer Requirements
  • Color laser printer (1200/2400 dpi)
  • PostScript support is preferred
  • 128Mb RAM (minimum)
  • 256Mb RAM (preferred)
  • Standard laser printer ink

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